Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1st Post

Hello All,

This is a new page created for the Eureka Homestead 4-H group. We are a family 4-H group located in Eureka, Alaska. We have members ranging from 6 years old to 13 years old. They are involved in a wide variety of projects including: photography, clover buds, forestry, veterinary, dog mushing, outdoor adventures, dairy goats, and chickens.

Our regular meetings are normally held the second Saturday of the month.

Calendar of Events:

January  - 12th 1st business meeting
                19th Sledding followed by a soup and biscuit lunch

February - 9th Business meeting and Valentines Day greeting card making/stamping

March - 9th 2nd Business meeting followed by sledding, campfire making activity and cook out.

Ian teaches the group how to determine the age of a tree and it's health history based on it's rings. 

April - 13th Business meeting, Intro to animals activity, Cupcake and games for Parker's 13th birthday.

May - 11th Business meeting, T-Shirt painting - We will be making T-shirts to wear during community service projects.

In Memory of Sugar the goat

You were a happy friendly goat you brought a smile to my face
But now your gone leaving only sorrow suffered away at night
You were always hungry but now you will never eat again
You left leaving your friends looking with sadness
You had a nice life full of joy but you left us
We celebrate your memory but mourn your leaving
We wish you were here but without pain
We loved you just as you loved us
Good bye my friend I won't forget you

by Ian Massey

I will add some of the kids work and pictures from events as I can.

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